Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Working at Havas Lynx

Hello again! Now that my university degree marks have been finalised and released, I've been able to get back writing on my blog - using this as a platform for some of my final project meant I couldn't access the blog in case of changing the content after the hand-in deadline! That means that I should be getting round to writing all sorts of new content for this blog over the next coming weeks :)

I've just finished my work experience with Havas Lynx. I thought it would be a good idea to write about it on here, as a reminder for personal future reference, and also in case anyone browsing this blog is considering doing the same thing! Last year I read a blog someone else had written about working at the Guardian & Observer, and I found it really useful to get an idea of what I would be doing before I started.

Havas Lynx is a healthcare communications company, with their main office based in Manchester. I was working within Health4Business, one of their internal agencies. I somehow managed to win the week of work experience via a CV competition - still not quite sure how that happened but I was very pleased to have found out I'd won!

Havas Lynx in Manchester
It transpired that I would be working on a variety of projects within the company, which all required different skills. Some of this included creating social media posts for an online disease awareness initiative, writing the strapline or body copy for both digital and print adverts, working with a team to come up with and pitching creative concepts for a new advertising campaign etc etc.....!

I was so nervous on my first day - partly because I wasn't sure what work I would be doing - but it turned out I had no need to be at all. Everyone was SO friendly and welcoming, which was great! They also trusted me to work independently and actually produce some work/ideas of my own - which I personally think is great considering I had just won a competition to get the work experience rather than gone through an interview process to prove I was competent enough for the job!

The main thing I learnt about Havas Lynx whilst working there is how different it is to other medical/science/healthcare communication companies. Havas Lynx mainly focuses on the creative and digital side to communication, with loads of innovative advertising and marketing campaigns. Most other agencies tend to focus on more traditional aspects of science communication, such as writing abstracts for science papers or producing information for symposiums. For me, this week of work experience has confirmed that I'd like to work in an agency that has the same creative and digital focus as Havas Lynx!

Inside the offices at Havas Lynx!
As well as being a friendly agency that fits with the work I'd love to do in the future, Havas Lynx had loads of other perks - like the ice creams handed out every afternoon to everyone in the office, and open bar on Fridays. Having a g&t in the office on my last day was pretty surreal, but was definitely needed as I was waiting for the release of my university final degree mark!

I'm hoping to complete some more work experience later this summer with another agency from the same industry, McCann Complete Medical. This company is much more traditional, so it should be really interesting to get an insight into an entirely different type of science communication agency. I'll write a post on that too for anyone who's interested!

Have you completed work experience with Havas Lynx or McCann Complete Medical? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've never heard of Havas Lynx before but any company that distributes afternoon ice-creams is a winner in my eyes !!!

  2. They sound like a fantastic company, everyone being friendly and encouraging and letting you use your initiative and ideas. What a great first day!

  3. Emily i love how much hard work you put into your work. that really motivates me to get going with mine. good luck with the coming projects. keep postng