Sunday, 21 June 2015

Working at The Guardian & The Observer

I've just completed my first week of work experience at The Observer, and it has gone by so quickly. I wanted to keep a record of the work I completed as a reminder for future reference, and will be writing another round-up post next week too. I'm currently working in the Science & Tech monthly section, but have also had the chance to contribute to the normal weekly edition that came out today!

When I arrived for my first day I was so nervous, but got settled in surprisingly quickly... everyone has been really friendly and the offices are such a nice environment to work in! Whilst I've been working there I've been set daily tasks to complete, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how independently they let me work. As I'm only there for 2 weeks and not paid I assumed I would be doing the equivalent level of work to that work experience I did when I was 16, which was basically just following someone around; but instead I've been actually set tasks that will contribute or feature in editions of The Observer that come out! One piece I wrote earlier this week has actually been published in this week's technology section which is so so exciting.

The Observer is a sister newspaper of The Guardian, and part of the general Guardian News & Media company. Writers don't tend to work for both papers, but the offices of the two are completely interlinked, and people of either newspaper can attend conferences of the other - something I have been utilised by attending The Guardian's daily round-up conference each morning! The office is such an amazing building too and super high-tech, which is something I personally find really appealing in potential places to work. 

I've really enjoyed my experience so far working at The Observer, and actually found I'm already improving compared to my first day. One thing I found difficult earlier this week was knowing exactly how to source information you might need for an article online.. it is a lot harder to know exactly what to search than you may think! But from doing this every day for the past week I do feel like I'm getting better at knowing what I need to Google.

The Guardian & The Observer office in King's Cross
So far, the best bit of working at the newspaper has definitely been seeing the publication of one of my articles in today's Observer edition! Earlier in the week, I was asked to complete a round-up of the science news of the week for the 'Discover' (science, technology and nature) supplement of the weekly paper, even though my work experience wasn't based directly in this section. I didn't realise that it was going to be published, but bought the paper anyway today and saw it was! It is so so strange to see my name printed on a sheet of legit newspaper.. But really motivating, especially for my next week of work! There's also potential for some of my other work to be published in the monthly Science & Tech section, coming out in July.

My 'The Week in Science' article published in this week's Observer!
(Click on the picture to see a bigger version in a new tab)
Have you completed work experience with The Guardian or The Observer? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. It's a great idea to keep a record like this! It'll be a nice reminder for you of all the things you worked on, and also inspiring for other work experience hopefuls who might be wondering what they could get out of a placement like this! Jen x

  2. Woah, what a cool opportunity! That placement will look great on your future applications too. It's great that you get to make actual published contributions, too, not just get the coffee like you do on some work experience placements! :p x

    Stephanie |

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